38+ Imposing Uk Online Shopping Statistics 2021 Edition

In 2008, more men (57%) than women (49%) used the internet in the last 12 months for online shopping. Women have been closing the gap with men over the years, despite this difference experienced earlier in the series, resulting in just one percentage point difference in 2019. This is the highest percentage reported for both men and women, at 83% and 82% respectively. There has also been an increase in the proportion of people shopping online.

Every item, from clothing to groceries, household goods such as televisions to garden sheds can be ordered online. When building your online business, it’s important https://www.wikipedia.org/ to understand how your customers behave and how consumer behavior around the world. Much of the world has internet access, but a solid percentage doesn’t.

The total value of e-commerce sales in the UK was 693 billion British Pounds in 2019. 83% of adults who have not shopped online within the last 12 months stated a “preference to shop in store”. Greater variety – more shops online https://www.goodsellerairmax.com/ than any high street or retail park. $140 average order valuebetween Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday is definitely a statistic to get excited about. The holiday season overall also sees high average order value at nearly $132.

Online shopping does have its drawbacks — lack of security, identity theft, and the inability to inspect items physically. So, even though online shopping statistics show that this shopping method is rising, traditional shopping would be tough to replace. Some consumers still feel safer when searching through brick and mortar stores.

53% of shoppers in the UK said that they purchased books online. The most likely reason for books to be bought online is the vast selection of available and discounted prices provided by online shopping platforms. Thus it remains a largely unknown innovation in the retail industry in the UK.