4 Reasons Why Stores Hold Discounts

It is interesting to visit a store, it turns out that there is a big discount inside. Especially at the end of the year, it is not difficult to find discount items. However, we must carefully look at the reasons behind the many stores holding big discounts at the end of each year.
Planning to be permanently closed

Of course, by holding big discounts, such as GAP and Matahari. Take advantage of this moment because the brand in question will be difficult to find.

New stuff coming

This is usually in clothes, shoes, or bags, which each year offer new collections based on trendy models and designs. Fortunately, those who are not too oriented to the latest trends because they can take advantage of the moment that the item is no longer hits.

The item is almost expired
Not only food, but items can also expire, such as cosmetics or toys that contain wet ingredients. Especially women’s cosmetics must be more careful in choosing and estimating when the relevant cosmetics will be used up before the expiration date.

The item has damage

Usually, the shop has shown which part has a defect. For some people, it may not be a problem especially for those who have creativity. Defective parts can be tricked with artwork that you create yourself.

Here are 5 proofs that people who shop at a discount are smart

  1. They Know How Much Money Is Saved
    People who shop at a discount know how much money was spent, and how much was saved. They are smart people in using their money. Before buying, you must first calculate how much money was saved in the end.
  2. An observant brain, a conscientious mind
    To avoid fake promos, a careful and careful mind is needed. Buying goods at a discount doesn’t just consider how much is saved. So, not only price research is being carried out. However, savvy people who shop at a discount also take into account the specifications, quality, expiration date, and level of need for the item.
  3. Shopping is also a form of investment
    Shopping is not only for necessities but also for investment. It doesn’t apply to all items, but for items that last a long time, discounts are a good investment opportunity. Smart people can see the investment value of a product. When the price returns to normal, can the item be sold at a higher price than the discount?
  4. Time Efficiency
    Promo doesn’t come every day. Discounts are not always there all the time. People who shop when there are discounts are people who process time efficiently for two reasons. First, when shopping when there is a discount, goods are purchased in larger quantities. More supplies reduce the need to go to the shopping center again. Second, people who understand the benefits of discounts tend to be aware of promo deadlines. So you don’t want to delay, and finally miss the opportunity to shop at a more affordable price.
  5. Fulfill needs easily
    Shopping at a discount is not just for immediate needs. For smart people, shopping at a discount is one of the routine things that can be done to achieve long-term goals.
    Not that people who shop at a discount are stingy and calculative. Thus, based on the points above, we can know that people who shop at a discount are smart and clever to take advantage of opportunities.