5 Ways to Shop at the Mall so it’s Not Wasteful, It’s Easy!

5 Ways to Shop at the Mall so it’s Not Wasteful, It’s Easy!

Maybe we are one of those people who really enjoy shopping at the mall, so we always want to know how to shop so that doesn’t break our pockets.

How not, in the mall almost all products such as daily necessities, fashion, and electronics are available, with a variety of different ways of shopping.

Not infrequently, shopping centers also often make discount programs or special prices to lure consumers to want to buy the products being sold, with certain shopping methods.

Of course, it is not easy for us to control ourselves so as not to shop impulsively, especially women.

In fact, this trend can have a negative impact on our financial condition.

Don’t worry, there are tips for shopping at the mall so that your pocket doesn’t break.

Create a Shopping List

Before going to the mall or shopping center, it is advisable to make a shopping list in advance, according to what you really need. To know more information about art you can visit this site artisttoursgroup

We can write it down in the application noted on the phone or on a piece of paper.

This one tip is quite powerful, so that our main shopping goals can be fulfilled and there are no things that might be forgotten.

Bring Enough Money

We can bring cash or e-money with sufficient balance, or even if our purchases are below IDR 1 million. If it is more than IDR 1 million, we use an e-money card (for example: flash card).

Fill in the card balance according to our purchases, plus 10-20% if there are items we want.

Indeed, these tips require a little effort, but they are very good for our financial condition.

The amount of money we will spend will be in accordance with the budget we have prepared previously. So that the possibility of our financial condition being broken can be suppressed as effectively as possible.

Research Before Buying

In choosing the goods or products that we will spend, try to read the specifications and prices carefully first.

This is important to do to avoid mistakes in buying goods or products, either the item or the type or even the price.

Don’t Get Stuck in Promos

Maybe we need to know some of the following promo sentences:

“Buy now, 30% discount price,” this article aims to lure consumers to want to buy the product now (Buy Now strategy).

“The second purchase is 50% off” or “Want to buy the credit, sir?” This sentence aims to make consumers want to buy more goods or products (buy more strategy).

“Happy hour special price for xxx packages at 13.00 – 15.00” or “Every Tuesday, buy 1 get 1 free” This sentence aims to make consumers want to buy products within a certain time.

Or have we ever gone to a restaurant or karaoke at certain hours to get special prices or freebies?

This strategy aims to make consumers want to buy more often (Buy Often strategy).

Of course the examples above are some of the strategies we will find while shopping. It’s just how we react to it so we don’t get trapped and fall asleep.

Get to know the price

Try to find out the price or price range for the product items or items that we need.

For example, the need for baby milk, rice for daily food, and so on. Because:

  1. If there is a special price or discount can be used.
  2. Makes it easier for us to make a monthly budget.
  3. We can use it to compare prices between one shopping place with another.

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