Brand: 5 Outfits To Show Hypebeast Style

Brand- The word “hypebeast” refers to someone who follows the current trends, but it can also refer to someone who wears what is popular. In addition, the word hypebeast refers to someone who collects shoes, clothes, and accessories with the aim of impressing others.

Initially, Hypebeast existed as an online platform for contemporary men’s fashion and streetwear. Furthermore, hypebeast has become a fashion style trendsetter for young people, especially streetwear lovers, thanks to fashion developments and visual inspiration. In addition, this fashion style is also a platform that inspires other brands to issue products that are relevant to today’s urban aspects.

Various cultures that are currently hype in urban circles, such as art, music, design, to lifestyle, then pour it into fashion items that are synonymous with street style. Over time, this industry is growing and able to attract many enthusiasts. Curious about what brands can be your reference for your hypebeast style? Check out the following reviews, come on!


In 1993, Ura-Harajuku founded the fashion label A Bathing Ape (BAPE). Nigo or Tomoaki Nagao is the cult figure behind this label. The inspiration for his creations comes from his obsession with sneakers, toys, and graphics.

The hallmark of BAPE is the bright and full-color camouflage print. In addition, another characteristic of this product is the shark hoodie which is right above the face. This bold motif design has catapulted this merk among teenage hypebeasts around the world.


In 1994 James Jebbia founded this brand. This brand is certainly not foreign to you. Yes, the brand that has a red logo is no longer in question.

In its creation, Jebia saw the characteristics of urban American youth clothing that are synonymous with skateboarding, hip-hop, and punk-rock, that is what inspired him. In the success of this brand, it was the founder who took out a limited series of all his collections in his marketing strategy.

This is what makes people willing to queue and fight to get the brand from Supreme.

Carhart WIP

Yes, this men’s fashion item was originally prepared for North American blue-collar workers in the 1800s. Subsequently, this brand mutated into a leading brand and became one of the most sought-after fashion streetwear.

The brand name is the same as the name that founded it, namely Hamilton Carhartt. In 1889, this brand only produced the work as a whole. Then in 1994, Carharrt added the word WIP as its newest branding.


This brand is a brand of sports fashion from Italy. Founded in 1916, Kappa made its debut by producing socks. Then, in the 1950s, under the company Maglificio Calzificio Torinese (MCT) Kappa succeeded in producing underwear and socks. Subsequently, the brand reached its heyday in the 90s and won numerous sponsorship trophies.

Kappa started to rise after presenting retro fashion and sportswear trends, even these trends were able to make Kappa become a class. Of the several items sold, track pants and truck suit models with stripes on the side of the pants are the items that are most sought after by buyers.


Stussy is a streetwear brand inspired by surfing and skateboarding clothing. Previously, this brand created a trend with its graphic tees. However, until now, Stussy has been able to compete with other brands with a logomania that is very unique to streetwear brands.