How to buy clothes in bulk online for resale

One of the first things you need to settle when you start a retail fashion business is how you will get products to sell. Wholesale purchases pay you more because you get them at a discounted price and you can resell to make your capital back as well as some profits. Here are tips for buying clothes in bulk safely online:

Find a wholesaler

This is the first place to start once you have identified what you want to do. There are many places you can generate leads for wholesalers. You can check out your local chamber of commerce, ask from other business owners, or crowdsource from your network. You can also check popular online marketplaces with thousands of manufacturers and wholesalers.

On these platforms, you can get in touch with different suppliers all around the world. However, don’t just choose a wholesaler blindly. It is advised you compile a list of the wholesalers that interest you. Read up on what people have to say about them online. This will help you decide who to go for and who not to.

Also, the merchandise you sell, your price points, the reliability and knowledge of the wholesaler, if they can help you dropship, etc. should determine the wholesaler you eventually choose to work with.

One of the things to do when you are looking for a wholesaler is to read reviews about the wholesalers on independent reviews platform like You will get to know from the perspective of other customers if the company is worth patronizing or not. Since those giving the reviews are customers like you, you can be sure you can rely on their reviews to know what to expect when you patronize the companies. When you properly read reviews and make informed decisions, you will be able to safely shop online.

Get the goods in small quantities when starting out

Most business owners feel like buying their goods in large quantities so that they can get more profit. While this isn’t bad, it is risky for someone who is just starting and has yet to develop a strong relationship with the supplier. It is advised you order your goods in small quantities to test the reliability of the supplier and the quality of the products. For instance, it is easier to recover from a small-sized business venture that failed than a large one. Check for what people are saying after they use the products. If your customers are not satisfied, that is a pointer that the wholesaler in question is not right for you.

Read the terms of services

Before buying from any wholesaler, read up their terms of service. Ensure you are buying from someone who has a digital footprint so that you can always reference their website when needed.

For instance, some wholesalers don’t offer refunds or replacements should it turn out that the goods you ordered got damaged before they got to you. Most specify this in their terms of service but if you don’t take the time to read through, you will never know. If the terms of service offer you no protection as a buyer, you should rethink your decision.

Avoid troublesome wholesalers

Before you seal the contract with a supplier, try to know the quality of their character. You will enjoy doing business with someone conscientious in what they do than someone who does not give a damn about how their actions affect other people. You can interview your supplier before you trust them with your money. Only transact when they pass they pass the interview.