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We can help you find the right business insurance for your online retail or ecommerce business, at the right price – no fuss, no hassle. Whether you need high levels of stock insurance, business interruption cover, or simply public and products liability, we can arrange the right insurance cover for your business. In addition, if you cannot identify whether or not the manufacturer has ceased trading, you can be held responsible for any of their products sold by your business. Online Retail Insurance is an important consideration for any internet retail website and ecommerce business who are selling, importing and exporting products worldwide. Online Retail Insurance is a specialist package of covers which have been tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses.

In this environment, online retailers’ post-sale services may reduce customers’ pre-purchase uncertainty (Heiman et al., 2001; Ramanathan, 2011). For example, consumers’ psychological concerns will be relieved if they know that they can easily exchange, return or repair of any purchased product. Yet, it is unclear how important post-purchase activities are to e-commerce and its growth (Cao et al., 2018). Thus, marketers and companies need to understand consumers and their relevant behavior in online shopping systems (Hussain et al., 2020). Accordingly, the outcomes of this research show that male customers give more weight to maintenance services in the context of online retailers’ post-sale services. Hence, among other services, male customers not only pay close attention to an online retailer’s product maintenance or repair policy but also want easy access to a repair outlet.

Luckily, Vanessa’s insurance covered the cost of the damaged stock. Covers your stock and business equipment against loss, theft and accidental damage. If you work from home, it’s unlikely your home insurance covers business stuff.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the growth of online businesses in every market that we have studied. Most eshoppers are not only spending more in total with online businesses, but they are ordering more frequently. This is a good time to have a large stake in the carboard box industry! Although the pandemic brought about a rapid increase in online sales, once Lockdowns ended and shops reopened online sales tended to fall back somewhat – though not to the 2019 levels of course. In the online shopping context, factors from the employees’ behavioral perspective, such as processing speed, execution quality, confusion from analogous color, and disturbance from task-switching, deserve more attention.

One major pressure points faced by ecommerce operators – but not felt by bricks-and-mortar stores – is the cost of returns. Left unchecked, this could create increasingly complex and fragmented logistics channels, in efforts to cater to customer expectations for fast and efficient service. While it’s true that many online retailers do not operate bricks and mortar, customer-facing stores, they still face many of the risks that are common amongst traditional offline retail outlets. We know that every online retail business is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach to online shop insurance doesn’t work. That’s why we draw on our market relationships and our experience in finding the right cover for the UK’s small businesses to help secure online retail insurance that is tailored to individual needs. Whistl’s outsourced order fulfilment services are tailored to support established brands and businesses receiving a minimum of 150 product orders a day.

Two-thirds (64%) of shoppers feel retailers don’t truly know them so start by understanding your customer and why they buy online. Access cost effective, flexible delivery options to deliver your mail items to your customers, no matter where in the world they live with our international delivery services. You’ll get the chance to work with big brands such as Apple, Xbox and Nespresso and enjoy discounts at Argos, Sainsburys and Habitat. Online retail is incredibly fast moving and it’ll be your job to help the organisation stay ahead of the curve. We are the magazine, portal and research source for European ecommerce and multichannel retail, hosting the board-level conversation for retailers, pureplays and brands across all of our platforms.

Find out why signal triangulation is the key to effective targeting and measurement, and how connected media through a single platform can maximise efficiency. The ads should be themed around the holiday or event, and be different enough from you general campaigns to stand out. If you do have a final order deadline for deliveries for holiday season gifts, make sure you promote these clearly to encourage people to book in time. Over the past few years Halloween has become a frighteningly important retail event.

But this won’t necessarily be covered by your personal home insurance. Our stock insurance covers all your products or raw materials at your home, shop or office, as well as an extra 25% included as standard for two months of your choosing, for those busy periods. You can also choose to insure your stock in transit so you know you’re covered when it’s being delivered. Public liability insurance will protect you if someone is injured by your products, or if damage is caused to their property because of something you’ve supplied. Customer trust – it can be difficult to establish a trusted brand name, especially without a physical business with a track record and face-to-face interaction between customers and sales staff.