Cleveland V Home Shopping Network Inc

I brought in brand technique consultants to find out about consumer perceptions of the network. I started at HSN in May of 2006, and by October we had rolled out a new brand picture, a new tagline, a brand new vision assertion, a new customer manifesto, and new promoting. I made it clear that I had zero intention of chasing QVC and that we had been going to set a very new path for HSN—one that might create a new lifestyle experience for consumers. When I look again, I still don’t understand how we received all of it done so shortly.

What Others Say About The Hsn Credit Card

In order to concentrate on HSN, I had to eliminate a number of the distractions. We had a small U.S.-primarily based shopping channel on DIRECTV that was very down-market, selling mostly clearance merchandise, so we closed it. I put another government … Read More

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